Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kate's first birthday

Well Kate wasn't feeling very well on her first birthday due to allergies or something but once we got her cake in front of her she cheered up. It took her only a few minutes before she got the hang of it. She dug her hands in and smeared it on her face I think she even got some in her mouth but she seemed to have a fun time. then we gave her her first baby doll and after that it didn't matter what was going on she had to have that doll by her side. it was very cute.

Monday, August 27, 2007

first steps

Add a little spice

Ryan and I were at 7-peaks and saw a guy with platinum white hair, he leaned over and said he wanted to do that for the summer while he wasn't teaching, so we did it that night.

If you didn't know, we thought or I guess I should say that I thought I was ready for a cat and we heard about munchkin cats that have little short legs like the weiner dogs. So we went to just look at them, but ended up with two. For the next week I started to realize that I'm not ready for animals in the house the fur, the smell and the meowing along with taking care of Kate was not something I wanted to deal with, anyway they're gone now but they sure were cute with their little legs.

toilet paper trouble

They sure look innocent don't they? but once it is quiet, watch out, you know they're getting into trouble

10 month pictures

She was really not enjoying pictures at this point obviously.

Kates 6 month pictures

2006 Christmas card

This is a collage of our first family pictures taken with baby Kate, she is 3 months old here.