Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We went to the park so Kate could play with Rhyen and Ryan could play with Uillame... Kate loved it... and then she randomly walked over to this spot on the grass and layed down, and when she saw me coming to take her picture she gave me this crusty...

So I put Kate to bed for a nap an hour and 1/2 ago and she is still awake talking to herself in bed. That is one thing that is so great about her, she loves to be in her bed. But I really need her to take a nap today cuz she is going to chuck-e- cheeses with the in-laws and daddy and I want her to be happy..... (I have to work so I probably wont get to see her play there, but Ryan will take pictures)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

life is precious

I feel wierd blogging about this... but it is something that has recently affected my life. The other day I was out for a run and as I crossed the street to come home there was a small group of people (4 or 5) gathered around an accident. So I crossed the street to see if they needed a blanket or something, about the time I got there the police stared to show up so I stayed while they took care of this man that got in a motorcycle accident. He had lost control of his bike and fell off and was unconcious, while his motorcycle was under a tree that had been broken in half. A helicopter came and life flighted him to the hospital... and I went home...

I couldn't stop thinking about that and wondered how he was doing. Then yesterday I was driving by the spot where the accident happened and saw a couple standing there taking a picture of it. So I turned around and asked if they knew the man involved in the accident and the girl said it was her brother and that he is now dead... his back was broken and he bled internally, he lived for about an hour at the hospital and that was it. my heart sank and I felt helpless I wish there was something I could have done or do for his sister. I explained a little bit of what i saw and she told me a little about him and about the viewing and funeral. then we left.

I decided to go to the funeral today and I am really glad I did. before I went I looked his name up in my yearbook and i actually went to high school with him, his name was Kirt mendenhall, and he was on the swim team and sang in acapella. At the funeral I learned that he was a cub scout leader in his ward and worked for a power company... the hardest part of it all was that he was only 4 years married and had an 18 month old son.... that is exactly where Ryan and I are right now.. His wife spoke at the funeral and even though I didn't know him or her I just cried my eyes out for their situation and I don't necessarily know what I would do if I were her.

Anyway, it was a really nice funeral, and I really am looking at every moment of these last few days in a new light, that accident happened instantly that the witnesses couldn't tell the police exactly what happened because it all happened so fast, his wife was probably expecting him home for dinner at any time and in an instant her life was changed. I guess what I'm trying to say is that life is truly precious and although we have the gospel and we know that we will be together again, it doesn't mean that there isn't pain and lonleliness involved. I just pray that his wife will be able to make it through this. I'm certainly grateful for my sweet husband and hope to not take any of our time together for granted.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

new callings

So Ryan and I have been in the Primary for almost 2 years and I truly have grown to love the children we teach and I feel like we are progressing and the kids have been passing off their articles of faith and learning what the mean, anyway doesn't it always happen this way? right when you feel like you look forward to your calling and love it, that is when you get released...

This morning the bishop called and wanted us to come in and talk to him, right after the stake pres called and wanted us to come there.. well Ryan is now the executive secretary to the bishop in the ward and i am teaching the marriage and family sunday school class... we are more than anything, shocked but I guess there comes a time to close one chapter and open another right.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Adventures in Farmington

This last weekend we went to Farmington, NM to visit Ryan's parents for spring break. Ryan and I were able to basically fall in love again.. we went on dates and had lunch together and it was a ton of fun. One day we went shopping, another we went golfing and it is awesome to find things that we both have in common and like to do that we don't normally do.

We also spent time with Ryan's dad's horses and Kate loved it... I think we will have to start calling Frank old mcdonald because everytime we went by the horses kate would say e-i-oooohhh. it was really cute.

And of course we had to spend as much time in the hot tub as possible...

And what's a good trip without a little drama right... we were supposedly leaving for home on Wed for a number of reasons but mostly because Kate seemed really sick, so we packed up said a prayer and drove off... about an hour later we got behind a slow truck and finally passed him. once we started picking up speed, the steering wheel was shaking like the alignment was off, so we kept going thinking it would correct itself but then the tire started to clunk.. clunk... so we hurried and pulled over thinking we had a flat. we didn't have a flat, instead our tire was being held on with 1 bolt and nut. there should be 4... the other 3 bolt were completely sheered off so we couldn't even tow the car because the wheel would fall off. Here's the part of the story that is a miracle in my eyes.... If this would have happened going 80 miles an hour... I think the whole wheel would have popped off and I don't want to know what would have happened then... also this happened directly in front of some random visitors center for indian tours.... there was nothing else but desert for miles either way... luckily there was someone inside the visitors center and had a phone we could use because we didn't have reception to call ryan's parents... again luckily they were home and answered the phone because Kim was supposed to be in a class and Frank wouldn't have answered... but she decided to not go to class. Anyway I don't doubt that we have guardian angels watching over us and that heavenly father hears and protects us.

So we waited for an hour for kim and frank to come rescue us... so meanwhile Kate was feeling better and enjoyed being out of her car seat and eating granola bars and pretzels... she also spent some time making angels in the dirt (dirt angels ???)

Once they got there we finally got the car on the trailer (it was quite an ordeal) and the thing fit by inches...which is a miracle too i think. The front grid was sandwiching the bar of the trailer, and the back wheels were pretty much just hanging on enough to stay on the trailer.

So while crossing our fingers and after saying another prayer we made it back to farmington and saw this. which was sad but kind of commical... if you can't tell what's happening, click on the picture to enlarge it and you'll see in the background a hay truck completely on it's side... it came around the corner and tipped completely over...Ryan's mom said quick take a picture, because that is another one of what she calls "farmington moments" meaning basically only in farmington would you see something like this.

Anyway we got the car fixed and made it home safely the next day, Kate got feeling better and I will remember that trip because it helped me come out of a tough rutt that I was in. and I feel like I got some good laughs, had some bonding time, and now I'm back on my feet again.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Easter egg hunting,Picture with cousins,Easter dress with daddy, and more egg hunting

Saturday before Easter we went to the annual Bennion Easter party, we made easter necklaces, ate a yummy cafe rio salad lunch and had a fun Easter egg hunt it was so exhausting that Kate fell right asleep the second we got in the car. Then Sunday I (kate) wore my Easter dress, after church I went to Wen and lynne's house for lunch and more easter egg hunting. it was fun to play with my cousins.. mommy and daddy did dance dance revolution on the big screen in the theater room and that was fun too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The big 28

I have so many pictures and things I want to put on my blog but kate found the thing that gets our pictures off our camera and lost it... ok so maybe I lost it... i don't know, anyway you'll see Easter and other things later...

Thanks for a wonderful birthday, I colored my hair while Kate took a good nap (I'm blonde again) then Sam and Ginny watched Kate while Ryan and I went to PF Changs for dinner mmmm... then we went to the mall and got me 4 pairs of jeans (i only wanted 1 pair of jeans for my birthday and ended up with 4 hooray) then we had family night with Sam and Ginny and took sleeping Kate home to bed so that Ryan and I could finish watching the Bachelor (yes we love to watch smut.. guilty pleasure I guess)

Anyway thanks for a wonderful birthday and especially thanks Ryan for being such a great husband and father I love you.