Thursday, December 20, 2007

And we're off...

So we're off for Christmas.. We are going to New Mexico again today (granted the weather holds up for us) if not we'll go when it is safe, but Kate has a lot in store for her this christmas (ha ha ha) she gets a potty! woo hoo. We figure that while she still doesnt get the whole Christmas thing she will love her new chair and probably all the boxes and bows and of course the strings to put around her neck. Anything with straps works for her. So there won't be many posts till after the new year for me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kate the Great!

Some of my favorite times with kate are when she is in the bath... she'd stay there all day if I let her, she can be so grumpy but you put her in the bath and that changes everything.

You gotta love those days where they are just run ragged that they crash in their highchair while eating. (this is VERY unusual for her, she sleeps only in her bed so she must have bee really tired this day.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Flashback Friday... Kitty wear

I mentioned earlier that Ryan and I met while living in the same apartment building, I lived with 4 roommates two of which I served in the mission. Melissa was my partner in crime, this incident the crime was called kitty wear. One of our roommates had nothing but leopard print everything in her room so in an attempt to cheer her up one morning we were in her room talking to her and started to put everything on that we saw, including the make-up. We all laughed and obviously took pictures but then Melissa was talking on the phone to Ryan and told him that we were in Kitty wear and that he should come over. Yes he did and I think that was the moment he knew I was the one :) rrrrrrahr...

Snow cave

Ryan building a Snow cave Saturday night.

Katie and Uillame

It was 7:00 at night and we all decided to go and enjoy the snow at our friends Katie and Uillame's house kate had fun playing with Rhyen their little girl, while Ryan and Uillame build themselves a snow cave.


Kate's first time Playing in the snow... She LOVED it!

Kate and Elle

Mandy came over a couple of times this week and Kate and Elle were playing so cute, chasing each other around the house and then Kate would jump on Elle and they would snuggle, it was all fun and games until Kate bit her tummy and then it was over... wooops, guess we need to start in on the biting thing. Sorry elle

Friday, December 7, 2007

Flashback Friday....Can anyone say BUCK TEETH?

So Mandy started a flashback Friday where she reminisces about her past... Well here's a couple of things that I think we can all relate to...

1. I think we all have a picture with the big bangs and the fluffed out sides as seen here in these pictures...

2. The dress in the first picture, I remember my mom made me wear that dress for pictures and there was a boy that always found something to make fun of with me (Daniel Bishop) So I didn't wear that dress to school cuz I didn't like it, but when it came time for pictures I went and changed into it and of course when I walked into the classroom there he was laughing cuz of all the frills. ( I wasn't, but I liked to pretend I was a tomboy in school so did Ashley my cousin she was more of a tomboy because she had all brothers, I was just a wannabe) So to wear a frilly dress was embarrassing to me.

Another funny fact about me is that all through elementary school I went by the name Wendy which is my first name. I've never been called that in my life but in kindergarten they called roll and called the name Wendy and I said "here" and was too shy to tell her that my name was Rachel or that I went by Rachel so K-6th grade I went by Wendy. My poor cousins that went to school with me had to flip flop between names when I was at school or with school friends I was Wendy and at home or family functions I was Rachel. By the time JR. High came I switched and now I'm back on track.

Oh and you gotta love when you only have your two front teeth that are huge cuz you haven't lost any others So hence the Buck teeth comment.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Bad hair day

Do you ever feel like this...?? physically or emotionally? well, I braved the crowds the other day and got all my Christmas shopping done I've heard people say how they hate Christmas, and I think I got a glimpse of what they meant. Kate was screaming as we went from store to store and by the end I was thinking, what's it all for???

Just about at my breaking point my sister called (mandy) and I vented my frustrations, she suggested that for her it helps to read Christmas stories, and I might add good music to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas so thank heavens for sisters right? They save the day.
I've now set a goal to read or do something this season everyday to help me get the spirit of it all and to remember why we celebrate this wonderful holiday.

woof woof

Here are two of Kate's favorite toys, one the bra around her neck (I've already mentioned that one but she found this piece of paper in a people magazine and tore it out, and at least once a day she will go in our room and find it and carry it around the house barking (woof woof) if you can't tell, the picture has a bunch of dogs on it, Yep she's an animal lover there's no doubt about it.

Anything with straps

On an earlier post I mentioned how Kate loves to put anything with straps around her neck, preferably bras, well the other day she came out of my bedroom with a bunch of my lingerie around her neck it was too funny, she'd walk around like that all day I think. (I hope this isn't too embarrassing for anyone)

Thanksgiving (a little late)

For Thanksgiving we went to New Mexico and Spent it with Ryan's parents. It was so relaxed and stress free.
Here is a picture of Ryan (to the right of the picture) looking through the mesh of the port-a-crib at Kate sleeping, I caught him it was so cute. I think he's got a thing for her what do you think?

Pheasant hunting

Here's Ryan right after he came home from pheasant hunting. (he said it was a long cold day but fun).

"Choo Choo"

Kate loved playing on grandma and grandpa's choo choo train.


We went shooting and we even got Kim (Ryan's mom) to come and she really enjoyed it. She's picked up a whole bunch of new hobbies it's kinda fun to see. We had fun shooting and I got a feel for how our little gun works too.

Friends get together

It was a lot of fun to get together with some of Ryans friends while we were in New Mexico for Thanksgiving, we had dinner and got to talk and laugh a lot. (Katie) I forgot to take your family's picture while you were there oh well it was fun though.


We played dress-up with grandmas toys!