Saturday, June 27, 2009

tired Kate

Belle...the Beast

We got a few tickets to the scera shell this year, one of them being the Beauty and the Beast play, we thought we would try taking Kate and see how she'd do. Well the day came and we went, and she sat on one of our laps the whole entire 2 1/2 hours mesmerized. She got all into it asking "where's Gaston?" "what's the matter with Belle, why is she sad?" she loved it... we can't call it beauty and the beast though cuz she gets confused cuz beauty is sleeping beauty so it's called Belle... the beast.

Good morning Kate

This morning Kate came into our bedroom after the second night of staying "dry" (we may even be potty trained for the night soon, who knows?) and the first thing she said was "Mom I want to smell your hair" so I let her and asked "what does it smell like?" she said "m&m's" then she wanted me to smell hers and I told her it smelled like flowers.

Then she wanted me to smell her fingernails and I told her they smelled like chocolate candy then she smelled mine and said they smelled like angels.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer time

Ok I guess it's been long enough, I'll start blogging again.

Here's a quick rundown of the last little while. Ryan finished school hooray! And we have since re-arranged our house getting ready for little Tommy to come. which means in a condo, that can get tricky, we managed to combine some furniture and other things to make it all fit and work but it's quite comical, our bedroom has now become furniture warehouse. We have the office set up in one corner, our bed with 2 night stands on each side, the book case, the dresser the piano and we even managed to leave a walkway so that we can live too. ahhh what the heck, it's not beautiful but it works.

We went on a trip to Panaca for memorial day and that was super fun. The whole Wells family came and joined the Free family and they even said they would go back next year so it must have left a good enough impression on them :) We hiked, swam, found trilabites, lizard, frogs, crawdads, and snakes, and even managed to see a couple of wild horses. All in all it was a great trip, and Kate keeps talking about camping and going in the tent. It's funny, whenever it's windy outside she says in a sad voice "let's go in the tent" (she's afraid of the wind, we discovered).

Potty training is coming along fine, I found a whole bunch of polly pocket dolls on KSL and bought them and every day she can go without an accident she gets a new polly pocket! And I must say she is getting quite the collection. She loves to stack them up on the piano like it's their special castle, then she climbs up and plays the piano while she sings part of your world... I will try to get it on video without her knowing, it's pretty cute.

Ryan has had a horrible toothache since school ended and sure enough we need to schedule him a root canal. If only you could plan these things and they didn't spring up on you from one week to the next. luckily he has cleared up some of the infection so he's not in pain anymore. Just in time for the WMD (Wells Male Day) they do a guy trip every year to New Mexico, and that is where he is right now.

So there you have it, the run down. Hopefully I'll stay more up to date from now on.