Sunday, October 31, 2010

First time standing

Folks we've got a stander!!

First time standing was at a cabin in Fairview. The Wilkins invited us to go there, thanks to a friend of theirs...

Super fun time, relaxing, tonz of game playing, and even some excitement... When we got there it was totally dark and we come around a corner and the Wilkins almost hit a deer, and we almost hit the them! So heart's pounding for sure, then around another corner we come to a complete stop cuz Bambi's dad is standing right in front of them and we can see this huge rack of antlers above their suv!!! It was breathtaking for sure, He stood there and stared at us for a few seconds, wish we could've gotten a picture.

Also it snowed and we wondered if we were going to be able to get out, that was pretty adventurous.

There was 4 wheeling, movie watching and no fighting between the kids which is awesome.

Also and most important Tommy stood for the first time with no hands:) Thanks to Daisy the dog... He could not stay away from her and he finally wanted to show her that he could stand.

Super fun trip!!! Thanks Wilkins family

Halloween 2010

Scooby dooby doo!!!!

Kate decides what we are all going to be for Halloween and we build around that. This year came together nicely

We first went to do the parade at daddy's school.

Then the ward party/chili cook-off

Then trick or treating at Jays.... Seriously I saw a scary cloud and told Ryan to drop Kate and I off a few doors down from Jay's, so she could get some trick or treating in before the big cahoona storm hit... Well we got one house and then RAN to Jays while being hit with hail.

Luckily it died down and she got to go out again. It was super fun, and we saw a full rainbow too.

Next the "Switch Witch" was coming so Kate picked her 4 pieces of candy out (cuz she's 4 years old) then put it out so the witch could come and take it, and give her her new books.

Sure enough she came and Kate was super excited for her Thanksgiving books, They even came with cds that read them:)

Fun Holiday! and on to the next.