Friday, March 27, 2009

Dress ups

Kate loves to dress up, Daily she'll disappear for a minute then return in her own creations... I love it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Likes and dislikes

Kate (it's a given)
Ryan (it's a given)
Sleep (")
Running (")
when Mandy thinks LOL means "lots of love"
When Kate gives me kisses of her own choice
My calling (church)
The end of Feb. and March (always rough months)
visiting teaching
sister time
Friends (that unfortunately are all moving far away or have already :(
this weekend... we get to do fun stuff that I'll blog about later
writing papers ( I told Ryan that when he gets his masters I'll have a masters too cuz I like to help him write his papers
The biggest loser
de-junking....throwing away stuff and cleaning out my house
having money
anticipating the gender of baby #2 or "fetus"
President Monson

Emptying the dishwasher
Scraping the snow off my windows in March
planning what to eat for dinners and shopping for it.
finding a swimsuit not knowing what size I'll be this summer
not having money
feeling blah (due to gloomy weather, and I guess pregnancy)
President Obama (hope i don't offend anyone)
being over scheduled with "un-fun" stuff
good movies or songs that out of nowhere drop the F bomb or other explicities for no reason

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aren't we supposed to be moving forward?

So my sister and I talked just yesterday about the where our lives are going and all of the sudden things are moving.....backward??

we now have to dial make a phone call, so yeah that's inconvenient..and today I'm enjoying the sun and 61 degree weather breaze by hanging ALL of my freshly cleaned laundry out on my patio... I went to dry my clothes and sheets and stuff and the dryer seems to be on the fritz making funny noises and smelling like burnt toast...hmmmm. I'm not gonna mess with it till the man of the house gets home so I don't ruin it. So I went around the kitchen gathering all of my chip clips and we are doing things as nature intended i guess.

So we're going back in time today. But what a great day to do it right. sunny and beautiful.
I'm trying to remember that when you are given lemons just make lemonade :)