Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3 or 4 weeks???

I am back and forth trying to decide if we should induce a week early which would be 3 weeks away or wait and see what happens naturally...ahhh decisions decisions. But I have to say that I'm excited to meet little Tommy and also very excited to not be prego anymore.

Well some other new news is that I am moving salons again... De Leon is closing their doors and come Sept. 1 I have to find a new place to work. I have a couple of options but haven't decided yet where exactly I want to be. so there again, decisions decisions. So I'm going to take september off and start work again at the beginning of October.

Kate is doing awesome on the potty, I'm so proud of her. She even told her nursery leader on Sunday that she needed to go and didn't wait for us to come and take her... hooray.

Ryan and i are teaching the marriage and family relations class still, and it's been fun to be able to prepare specific lessons once a week together, I've learned some new insights from him and we've been able to kind of learn and grow together.

The other day, I asked Kate if that night she was going to take her Jammies off after I close the door to leave and she said "yes" and I asked her why she does that, and she said while rubbing her arms and tummy "it's soooooo comfy" so we just sneak in after she's asleep and re-dress her so she's not cold in the night.

Ryan starts school tomorrow :( It's been a fun summer together going to the gym and 7-peaks. Oh and he won the weight bet that he had with his brother Jay I'm so proud of him, he lost 17 pounds this summer and he definitely deserves the recognition cuz he worked hard... and I must say that he is looking good!