Monday, December 14, 2009

Funny little Kate

The other day on our way home from preschool Kate waved goodbye to one of her teachers and said "Goodbye miss Cheryl" and then I asked if she loved her teachers and she said "hmmm no, they're not mommy" That made me happy mostly because I feel like I'm more the ogre than anything...saying "time for this or that" and "don't do this and that" so that was cute to me..( she really does love her pre-school teachers though).

Today as we were walking up our 3 flights of stairs she said while in her snow boots "can't-pick-up-legs...Too-heavy" so I started laughing and she said "Not like Buzz lightyear huh".

Yesterday on our way home from church Ryan said (sorry Ryan) "I'm gonna crap my pants" and Kate said with a scrunched up face and an inquisitive look "you're gonna CRAP your pants??" usually I would say something like "Ryan watch what you say around her" but I was laughing too hard to get anything out.