Friday, September 14, 2007

Kate's first birthday

Kate's birthday party with
the whole family, she really
is getting the hang of eating cake,
or I guess I should say wearing cake.

Ryan, Rachel, Kate and baby Spencer

Before Kate was born Ryan wasn't interested in holding brand new babies, but now when we went to see baby Spencer he was the first one who volunteered to hold him. So it's crazy what having kids will do to you.

We were so lucky to be able to go and see baby Spencer (Samantha and Steven's new baby) right after he was born.

Jay and Jen moments

The Jay and Jen Wells family in front of their house while it was still being built.

This is when we went with Jay and Jen to the Bennion's cabin in Evenston Wyoming, and we were all hungry and ready to cook our tin foil dinners. so we finally got the coals ready and put our dinners on the fire, and then it started to rain and smoulder our precious hot coals. So Jay built a contraption of wood and whatever else he could find to protect the fire. We were all under the roof of the cabin getting out of the rain and hail but Jay wanted to save the fire so we could eat our dinners. This is a picture of him attempting to get out of the rain.

The LARGER Wells family collection of photos

Avery and Ryan with fire charcoal on his face

Here is the cutest picture of
Avery that Ryan took while
we were in New Mexico for

the 4th of July.