Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So I've seen this on a couple people's blogs so now it's on mine...

Here are the rules:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember! If we're only blogging friends, write about a post that is most memorable. If you don't have a blog and don't know how to sign in, please comment as anonymous.
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It is pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll be sure to write one about you...either on your blog, in my comment box, or I will email you back!
3. If the memory happens to involve my husband, please include him!
4. If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Well tonight was a success! Kate went to bed and we didn't have to put her BACK to bed once and I just checked on her and she is STILL in bed! Wahoo now if we could only figure out how to do the rest of the parenting stuff we'd be in business

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ahhhhh picture this then imagine what it smells like...... ahhhhhh that is what I'm smelling right now.... Ryan ate something.... I mean he ate something and now it stinks.... so to get him back for making me endure the odor he gets this post on our blog....:)

Big girl Bed

We have talked about sometime soon converting Kate into a big girl bed and out of her crib. I wanted to create some kind of fairy tale bed for her. We just didn't plan it to be so soon.

Saturday we went to the RC Willey scratch and dent with Jessica (Ryan's sister) to look for some furniture for her and we found this bed and I had to have it. I don't HAVE to have hardly anything, I go places and I want stuff but my logical side kicks in and I find more useful places to put our money, but this is the exact bed that I have dreamed up in my head, and there was only one there shining with bright lights and choirs singing... :)

Anyway I loved it and so did Kate. so we got it and spent the whole day Saturday finding a mattress for it and getting it here. But it's here and she slept in it that night. The first night she only got out once and we just had to put her back, then she went to sleep.. Tonight we are on the second night and it's been a few more try's to get her to stay in her bed but not too traumatic... We'll see how tomorrow goes... Anyway we are excited!

More than we know.....

So there is a lot more to our lives and our bodies and our emotions and how they interact than I think we will ever know. For the past 2 years since I had Kate I have been getting sick every three weeks everything from colds, to flu's, to pink eye, strep, gall bladder problems etc... and I was getting pretty annoyed with it, so I went and saw a lady that was trained by Tawni (a holistic healer) -My whole family cousins too have gone to Tawni and she works miracles, it's great!- anyway after going to doctor after doctor and never really getting better I needed to take another route, she helped reprogram some of my beliefs which created emotional imbalances and got mind heart and body all back aligned together and I just have to say that I feel more like my true self than I have for a long time.... i feel great and I don't plan on getting sick anymore for a long time. Given that this is more of a documentary for me I just wanted to share that because it has had a huge imact on my life right now.


So we planned this Vacation to Thanksgiving point to pretend we were out of town. My mom came and stayed with Kate for 2 nights and we did whatever we wanted. Come to find out that others are doing the same thing because of the crazy gas prices. It is technically called a "Stay" cation according to the deseret news and other sources.

So on our "Stay"cation we went to 7 peaks and were able to lay out in the sun without chasing a child, we saw 2 movies in the theater...Baby Mama and Prince Caspian.(Chronicles of Narnia). We ate at some fun places and went and saw abba impersonators at the scera shell. we rented movies... Fools gold and step up 2. and we even found time to relax. There was a lot of laughing and spontaneity and I loved it. One of the days reminded me of our honeymoon where the housekeeping in the hotel had to ask us if we were ever going to leave the room so that they could clean it..... I guess when we are on vacation we like to just chill and not be going all the time.

Anyway Happy anniversary (2 months early) Ryan and thanks for 4 wonderful years and I look forward to every year to come.
P.s. thanks again to my mom she is the greatest.

Ode to friends

We love our few friends that we have, Unfortunately they are all dwindling away (Sam and Ginny) moving off to foreign lands and we miss them so. And who wants to go out and make new friends? We are glad to have Katie and Uillame to go to Tucano's with us and also for to have dog piling times!

Thanks friends we love you.

Joy ridin

Maika.... Kate's cousin taking her for a joy ride in the Escalade.. sweeet.

Bennion Cabin..... blogging reunion...

So the blogging reunion means that this is our second visit to the Bennion cabin and my very first blog was our first trip to the cabin a year ago so pretty exciting eh?

Anyhoo, this contraption is called a dinglehopper, just kidding it's a squirrel trap that yes my wonderful, intelligent husband created. It was also a success in catching squirrels unfortunately the critters were able to escape, better luck next year right.

While we stayed at the cabin we lounged in the hammock, went fishing, and one of my favorite parts was that there wasn't a time crunch on anything, we were able to walk around the lake and Kate picked flowers and threw rocks, she also got to feed the fish which was really cool for her. Thanks to Jay and Jen and also the Bennions of course for inviting us it was a ton of fun.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogging Blogging Blogging

Ahhh I will update my blog someday soon... I need some time!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th in New Mexico

For the 4th we did a lot of this,swimming, fireworks, and family time all weekend... it was great.

On the actual 4th of july I needed to do an 8 mile long run and Samantha and Steven (Ryan's sis and husband) said they would come with me. So I didn't have to run it alone, ( i still took my pepper spray, you never know about those Navajo out and about:) It was a lot of fun running with others cuz I usually run by myself.

High school reunion

We went to my high school reunion and I went with no expectations and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I am glad I went, especially cuz I got to see my good friends Joe and Sarah, I haven't seen them it like 4 years so hopefully I will be able to keep in touch with old friends more.