Tuesday, May 27, 2008

after camping laundry

Yikes! now you know what I'll be doing for the next week

deer over the headlights

So this isn't the actual photo but while we were on our way back from Panaca (we went camping there for memorial day) we saw a deer jump over the top of the car that was driving in front of us. it was the craziest thing, Ryan and I were freaking out, and later we were talking to Jay (ryan's brother) and he said he saw it too. I don't think the girl even knew that the deer was there cuz it just ran out of the woods and jumped straight over her car. cool huh

Clean Carpets

we got a new vacuum thanks to Mr Wells 3rd grade class... (we got a whole bunch of gift certificates to Wal-mart for teacher appreciation) so we got a carpet cleaner. I just barely used it on Kate's room, and it worked wonders! yahoo I can have clean carpet! there was a trail of dirt along with other unwanted stains and now they're gone. i'm pretty excited about it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mandy

Happy Birthday Mandy!

Thanks for being a great sister and Friend!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Office shmoffice

So this is my blog so I can put my insight on it right... if you don't agree that's ok too.

We have been huge Office fans since it started and I have to say that when I had Kate and had the baby blues, it was the office that kept things light and fun for me. but c'mon this season is a little disappointing It's kind of become like Lost for me, if they don't get on with some of the stories soon they are going to lose me cuz nothing happens. And it is super heavy and dramatic almost wierd dramatic. Although I will say that the season finale was pretty funny like the older ones...But I'm getting bored with it and might have to look somewhere else for my comic relief.

The End

P.S. i think I might go private... i gotta protect my family.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day

Happy Mother's Day!

I taught the marriage and family relations class for the first time today, and had a ten minute nap before going to the park with my family for dinner and fun. it was a nice day. and I hope all of you mother's had a nice day too. I feel very blessed to be able to have sweet kate. She truly is the joy of my life.

I got in Too!!!

So I'm copying my sister mandy's entry but I'm so excited because I got in to the St. George marathon! I can't believe that I got in my first try.... Anyway so in Oct. I will be running it and 3 weeks later Mandy is running the San Fransisco Womens marathon. I'm pretty excited so time to start crackin down with the training.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flashback ... ahh the lovely Hawaii

Ok so quickly, if my flashbacks bore you I'm sorry, they are really only fun for those that are involved I guess but since I know most of you blog to keep a record of your life which is what I do I want to include some of my fun adventures, so again i'm sorry if this is boring.

Krissy and I grew up in the same neighborhood and spent our summer evenings, having sleepovers, girls camp, swimming and of course riding our bikes...most of my adventurous times in life were spent with her. so after high school we decided to have an adventure and moved to Hawaii, it was spontaneous and before we knew it we were pulling up to our house which was named "the Jailhouse" in Laie. We weren't going to school even though it was BYU housing and we eventually got jobs at (Krissy and Laurel) a surf shop and (Rachel) at turtle bay flower shop we worked a whole 12 hours a week (enough to buy a monthly bus pass) and played every other second that we could. We lived there for 4 months and were basically beach bums. It was a blast.

Come to find out our other 2 roommates were there to play too, they weren't in school, so our clan doubled in size..Laurel was one of our roommates and Kelly was the other, she became our roommate later but that's a story in itself. Anyway hitch-hiking in hawaii seemed

like a harmless way to get around because basically there is one road and it goes in a circle, and if we only hitch-hiked to trucks and rode in the back it didn't seem like a big deal and sometimes it was faster than waiting for the bus...(looking back I can't believe we are still alive because we were so careless and trusting) anyway one of the people that picked us up later became known as our sugar daddy Tony. He was from the Philippines and had a lot of money...We were convinced that he was in the mafia and that our house was bugged, sometimes we even went outside to talk...but he took us to dinner all the time and wanted to take us skydiving and give us all diamonds. Creepy but at the same time he was endearing we would knudge him and say ahhh tony and he had a car and wanted to tag along wherever we all wanted to go.

Another fun memory was labeling anyone that seemed strange or scary Wallace... For a little background, Our landlord was a police officer hence calling our house the Jailhouse... and he brought down printouts of sex offenders in the area and one of them was named Wallace, so from then on we had his picture up in our house and everyone that was creepybecame known as Wallace.

Hawaii has a ton of cockroaches and gecko's and one of each got smashed in our front door frame and we left them there for souvenirs.

Other fun times were times spent with Gina who came and ended up staying indefinetly, Some random boy that Krissy knew came and stayed a while, Bald guy... Krissy thought it would be a good idea to play sculpt the statues and was basically playing matchmaker, Laurel running from the Real Wallace (that was scary) eggs n things, and big booty with mose, byu dances, bring it on, Krissy and I getting our dance moves down in front of the big window in our house, Kelly and eddie yikes!!! and a hundred more fun memories.... Thanks Krissy and Laurel!

Like I said in the beginning this is kind of an inside joke type flashback so if it doesn't make sense sorry, I'm mostly recording my experiences for my 0wn sake..

So just recently, Krissy found Laurel and we scheduled a time to go to lunch, it was a ton of fun to talk and laugh about our fun times in Hawaii and hopefully we can keep in touch before another
8 years go by.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Doggy love

If I haven't said before, Kate is a huge lover of animals.... she can see a cow and go crazy and want to kiss and love it... So we are so lucky to be able to have Jessica (ryan's sister) and her doggie Conan here for a couple of weeks, kate is loving it as you can see, I just feel bad for the poor pup being smothered to death. Jessica is here because she transfered from the Colorado Chili's to the American Fork Chili's to be a manager there. She bought a house in American Fork but is isn't finished yet so we get to have extra company, I'm loving having someone else here even if it's for just a short while.


Here's some pics of Kates first time at chuck-e-cheese... Ryan's parents took all the siblings and grandkids there while they were here. She was tired but still had a fun time. Although I think Ryan had the most fun... he jumped in on the automatic picture on one of the rides.. we all are kids at heart I think.