Thursday, February 26, 2009


seriously...not even 5 minutes after cleaning Kate's bathroom especially all around every inch of the toilet I come back in and she has a corner of a square of toilet paper trying to wipe and clean up her mess....THE MESS: Unchie (translation-poop) all over her hands, legs, calves and of course ALL over the seriously ALL over the toilet I didn't take a picture for fear that she might go and track it somewhere else in the house or go to wipe her face or something but I'm most proud to say that I didn't freak out, I didn't yell, I KEPT MY COOL...and now the mess is cleaned up, she is bathed and her fingernails are clipped (who knows what could have been lurking under there). I'm bummed now that there's no evidence of it now but I couldn't chance leaving to get the camera.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


10 weeks and we have a heartbeat! hooray that's always a relief to hear that so hopefully the miscarriage rate will go down significantly after that but still you never know.

I'm super excited to have #2 come we'll keep you posted on the latest

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So it's been a week now since this began but last Sunday while we were in sacrament meeting Kate started wander past "the boundries we set for her away from our bench and so i gave her the signal to come back which is "sssstt sssstt" normally that works and she comes back but that day and since then whenever I want her to do something or not do something for that matter her response is this with her finger over her mouth....."shhhhhhh be quiet" ahh we love 2 year olds.

"No I'n washing"

While kate was taking a shower she had a bar of soap and was rubbing all over the faucet and daddy says "Kate are you cleaning?" and kate says in return "no I'n washing"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doggy bite

You probably can't see them very well in the picture, but there are little bruises on Kate's forhead and a mark by her eye... those marks are where a doggy bit her...

So background....Kate LOVES animals, especially dogs so she thinks they all love her.... later that day when it happened she came to me re-acting it out but not in a scared sad voice, but a cheerful voice...saying"Ruff Ruff Ruff, silly doggy" nice I thought she would have learned after that not to just go snuggle with every dog. Anyway that's new.

Monday, February 9, 2009

From oatmeal to stitches to boot...

I got home from taking Ryan to work today anxiously awaiting my morning bowl of oatmeal and carried it over to the fridge to put some milk in it and ooops dropped it on the top of my foot, I thought it was a wimpy cut but called mandy and Lynne to see if I should get it checked out...long story short, I got stitches inside and pinky toe tendon was 2/3rds cut and so I had the choice to go to the er (no thanks) and have it fixed or just put me in a boot to hold it steady for a month or so.

So here I am slightly crippled lovely and a little inconvenient but there you have it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

February....sweet February.

Ahhh, I think I'm back to blogging again. This last month has done quite a number on the emotions floating around the Wells household, ah heck lets extend it out to the peterson household's and while we're at it how about the "Free" family house holds...

I don't really know where to begin but a lot has gone on lately. First off i went on a wonderful trip with my sister Mandy to the fresh air of Lompoc California and we were able to see and do and do some more there, during the journey I truly feel like I was able to get to know me a little more, and I feel we were able to set some good goals for this year of 2009.

I totally have a drive since the beginning of this year to do the Lord's work...and by that I mean missionary work. Thanks to Mandy I was able to participate and be a part of a neat experience where she was able to give as a gift, a book of Mormon to someone she cares deeply about. Man what a wonderful gift to receive -the Lord's words- Along with missionary work, I feel a unity within our families coming together and I haven't felt that in a long while...this year is definitely for family.

My nephew Hunter has undergone a serious back surgery and things are looking up for him and that feels great to stand on the sidelines and see him have the potential to live and function for another long while. It was a pretty scary surgery but I truly believe that through the power of prayer and fasting so far things are better than planned.

Unfortunatley we have had some tragic events happen in the family, my cousin Jeremy passed away at the end of January and he truly will be missed. The funeral was better than anyone could have asked for and again I felt more than ever that day a sense of unity among families that have been oh... not so unified in the past. Every one of my now 35 cousins was there except for one... That to me was amazing, and you could feel the love and support from everyone. Makes me wonder how great the reunion in heaven is going to be when all is said and done.

Last but certainly not least, I am proud to announce that we are on our way with baby #2... It's still a little early probably to be telling but at the end of Feb. I'll be finished with the first trimester, hooray for no more sickies right.

Soooo that's life, I hope to keep up with the blogging now for a while. I think you should too (for those of you who are a little behind... you know who you are).