Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lots of Easter fun

Frosting cupcakes

Special Treasures

Just before the hunt

R and R

We had a fun easter time with Ryan's family.. Here's his sister Samantha, Sis in law Jen, and Brother Jay.


Kate loves Tommy but to him it is probably a little too much... she is always gritting her teeth and grabbing him while saying "I love you Tommy, I love you" or she just yells through her gritted teeth "Tommy, Tommy, Tommy"... You can kind of see the aggression in the last two pictures. Ahhh priceless moments to remember :)

Prayer time with Kate

Just before our bedtime prayer with Kate we ask what she wants to talk to Heavenly Father about so tonight she said: "Lights, Flowers, Strawberries, and turning on music"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We just found out that Ryan got into the masters program at BYU!!!! perfect timing in our life... The Lord knows what and when certain things are best for us.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Look who's 30

It's official now, I am in my 30's and am really proud to say it!
Yesterday was great, the kids slept in till 9, and were very happy the whole day...I got emails, phone calls and texts all day long from the people I love ( you guys ), and Ryan picked up dinner (costa vida), the kids went to bed at 7, and we got to relax and watch the biggest loser. It was great! This next week we also get to go see Sam, Ginny, and Xela in Mt. Pleasant, and then we're off to New Mexico for spring break/conference/Easter. That will be a fun celebration too.

Goals for a 30 year old...

Run 2nd marathon (sign-ups started today and I'm on board again)
Chill out
Go to the temple every month
Watch more movies
Play at the playground more
Make more time for romance
Don't get all up in my head.... (some people will understand what that means)
Faith Faith Faith
and of course be POSITIVE!!!

That should be a good start for the year.