Thursday, September 25, 2008

Millions of peaches....peaches for me

Last year I decided to take on canning peaches and apple sauce. It turned out to be a success so I have done it again, and I must say, they turned out pretty darn good... Thanks dad and kerry for supplying the fruit. I literally couldn't have done it without you and while Im at it, I'd like to thank kate for playing so happily and watching clifford, or as she would say Clipper, while I pressed on in the canning process (she was neglected that day), I'd also like to thank my husband for his support as I attempt to take on the Suzy homemaker role. oh and for those of you that try my peaches and like them, I'd like to thank my fans.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary Ryan... Love you

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keep eating....

It runs in the family, and I'm lucky Ryan figured this out early on....but when the tantrums, or crying sessions begin....Ryan always asks have I eaten...and most of the time a little food turns the mountain into a molehill....or even an anthill...So with Kate if you ever see her having a complete meltdown and you see me shoveling food into her mouth, just know I'm not trying to shut her up but actually fixing the problem, once that food settles she becomes the cute monkey that i know and love, not the monster...:)

2 year old

It's picture time again... here's some of Kate's 2 yr pics

Monday, September 15, 2008

More word comparisons

Burrito: (Kate)...wucko

Itchy bum

My life lately has a lot to do with bums...Potty training is quite the ordeal and I spend lots of time wiping, putting panties on, sometimes wanting to smack, and of course itching bums.... one in particular, Kate's.

Kids once they get to a certain age like to explore.... touch their eye's, ears, nose, toes, and yes bums... so lately I've been telling Kate "Don't touch your bum, we only touch it to wipe and clean it." So today she came to me and said "Itchy" and was trying not to touch her bum but she needed it scratched... so yes I had the honor of scratching Kate's bum....actually several times today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Have you ever...

have you ever washed cheerios in the washing machine... I hadn't before today, and let me tell you it is not a pretty sight.

I had a towel that I cleaned up this mornings cheerios and they were left in the towel (i forgot they were in there) and threw it in the wash along with princess panties that had been peed in. so I went to move the clothes to the dryer and found mush mushed into blankets, and clothes..and of course along the edges of the washer...

I'm bugged...the main thing is that Kate does most everything right, and i am the one that will drive myself to insanity with my forgetfulness and lack of awareness. so if i go to the nutty house just know that I did it to myself:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fairy bum

Ryan's sister samantha gave Kate this outfit for her birthday and she wears it all day everyday, but she always wants to be naked when we are home so she puts this on and dances around....

I finally finished it!

Definition of kate's words

Mayget: music
Cunno: color
tweet: sesame street
tweet: Treat
Dinas: Dinosaur book
niggas: Fingers (yea, it took us while to figure out what she was saying)
di do: thank you

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That's what sister's are for...

So to train for a marathon you have to do long runs once a week, naturally, but sometimes it's hard to get motivated and just go and do it when the miles get high.... So I had to do 18 miles this last week and my sister Mandy had 16 to do. so we decided to do it together. The run was beautiful, we ran up on wasatch blvd, and down through Sandy and was actually bearable because I had someone doing it with me, so Thanks again Manse for the run it was great! Cant wait for the next one:)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Party..

Kate's 2 year birthday party in the hurricane.... What timing... we had kate's party outside cuz our condo isn't equipt for 40+ people so we were outside and the weather was warm and sprinkling rain so we figured we were ok, then once everyone showed up and had cake on their plate the storm began. It got cold and we all had short-sleaves on and no coats,then the wind blew the rain that turned to hail--sideways-- so the party got cut short but needless to say it was memorable.. kate had a "Strawberry Short-kate" cake and she got some fun gifts from family. Once we made it back up to the house, jay and Jen (ryan's brother and family) came up and Avery their daughter and kate had a picnic and played so cute together.... Again, happy Birthday Kate we're glad to have you in our lives.+