Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello Little cutie!
Tommy at 4 1/2 months

Saturday, January 2, 2010

difference in years

I like to compare what happens from year to year and look back and see what's the same and what's different so I put 2008's and 2009's christmas cards on here so I could see what's changed and what's the same... ( and what I need to work on this next year ).

2008 Christmas card

2008 has surely been great!
Mainly because of our dear little Kate,
What do you do with a child that's 2?
For starters she's learning #1 and #2.
Most parents will know that this task isn't easy
Learning to go potty can sometimes be cheesy,
The victory dances, the stickers and treats,
And she tells of her successes to whomever she meets.
But alas through the messes and the sanity tests,
We're proud of our Kate, and think she is the best!

Ryan is loving his work and his trade,
This year he has switched from 3rd to 5th grade.
The kids at this age seem to get all his jokes,
They sure do love him as well as their folks.
The Parents at Deerfield show their thanks through and through
And it's thanks to them we go on date's too.
We're grateful for his job and our wonderful life
And I'm happy to say that I'm sure a lucky wife.

The focus for me this year was to run,
My first marathon I can say that I've done.
St. George look for me cuz I'm comin' again,
Can't wait to start training for 2,000---10.
We hope for the holidays you cherish the time
with family or friends or the loved ones you find,
We'll do the same, hoping to see you near.
But until then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our Christmas card 2009

Like sand through the hourglass so are the days of our lives…
This is the Wells family, and these are the

Previously -the year 2008- on days of our lives, The Wells family (Ryan, Rachel, and Kate) was living a life full of movement, accomplishment, constancy and an occasional trial or two. You’ll see as we move to season ‘09 some of the same but also a twist or two (Dun Dun Dun -added for dramatic effect).

Kate, also known as Princess Kate, Fairy Barbie, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, etc. (the name depends on the day, and she decides who she is that day). Kate has successfully learned all the sounds of the alphabet (thanks to leap frog‘s letter factory), and has started at a preschool that includes dance and singing. Kate definitely provides the entertainment and creativity to the Wells family.

Ryan was comfortable in his life until a challenge arose, a challenge with his brother that tested him physically and mentally. Weight loss…Summer started in June and the battle began. After 3 months of strict diet and exercise Ryan was able to conquer, no- utterly waste his competition (sorry Jay), not only achieving his goal but having a renewed appreciation for his new look… Rachel has enjoyed it too. Still teaching 5th grade, Ryan is lucky to have a good class this year and hopes it lasts till next season.

Last season (‘08) Rachel was physically active, running and training for the marathon, her life was full of movement. Since then she experienced a different kind of movement, one that comes from within. A baby kicking her belly. For Rachel 2009 was spent lounging by pool sides and getting ready for the new arrival of their baby boy.

Tommy Jay Wells was born on the lucky birthday of 9/9/09 he weighed 7lbs. 3oz. And was 20 inches long. His mom and dad have fallen completely in love with him, but he gets more love from his big sister Kate who wants to kiss him, hug him, touch him, hold him, dance with him, snuggle with him, feed him, change him etc. etc. etc…So no worries, this little cutie will not have a shortage of love and attention. One smile from Tommy and everyone stops and gathers around to enjoy it together. When times are tough and life is crazy Tommy is the glue that brings the family together, and together is where we always want to be.

This is the Wells family, and these are the days of our lives.

Till next year, Merry Christmas

Friday, January 1, 2010

Yes I know Heavenly Father loves me

So I made the mistake of going out and getting some things done while the kids were tired, while it was snowing outside and to the very place I despise... south Orem (the mall and distribution center) the week before Christmas Mistake #1 I was being a little careless while driving mostly because if you don't jump on your chance to turn and go you'll lose your place and be stuck at a light or parking lot or wherever...forever... so I was about to make a right hand turn at the light by mimi's cafe and university pkwy. and there was a white corolla in front of me (I thought he had gone already...mistake #2 which I learned not to assume any more) cuz I jumped at the chance to get in the traffic line up and so I hurried and went but unfortunately he hadn't!!! I totally rear ended him and there was a big crunching sound. So once I realized what just happened I thought "oh crap"

So here's a little background and the reason for the "oh crap" thoughts.... with our car insurance we have a cash back plan that gives us extra money each year in November if there's no claims on our insurance and so far we are doing great! November is always my slowest month at work and so thus it is always a little tight financially for us so that cash back check is always very welcomed if you know what I mean. So If I just got in an accident that would mean a claim on our insurance which means no money this next year...also I was in a very vulnerable state emotionally and was already just wanting to get home so to sit there and call the cops and work it all out would have pushed me right over the edge...

So I thought "oh crap" now what?? So I jumped out of the car and so did the guy I hit, and we both looked at our cars back and forth and again and again... and seriously.. I couldn't even see a dirt mark or scratch or anything on either car and his car was white... there wasn't even a trace that anything had just happened I was actually confused about it. so after that he started to grab his neck like he was hurt... and I thought "oh crap" again... don't play this card, and try to get whatever you can from me.. but as he did that he saw that I had the kids in the back seat and he forgot all about his neck and asked if my babies were alright. I told him we're fine and that I was so sorry, if he wanted my number, if he's ok etc... but he just said don't worry about it and we both drove away.

I of course cried the whole way home thanking Heavenly Father cuz that to me was a miracle that nothing happened.

So like I said, Yes I know Heavenly Father loves me

Christmas festivities

Here's what's been happening lately
Kate climbed up on stage with the primary for the program at the ward Christmas breadfast/ service auction and pretended to know all the songs. it was so cute ( she's still in nursery that's why it was so funny.

Kate's preschool program she said her little part just great it went like this "T-is for tinsel to decorate the tree, to twinkle and sparkle for all to see. Then they did a dance and also a singing one... they sang I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, and we wish you a Merry Christmas ( or as she says we fish you a merry christmas)


Christmas Eve at Jenni's we swung on the swing, Kate and daddy did some tubing and 4 wheel riding, and of course played with the "far
m" animals.


Kate decided to do some artwork on the couch, she went to daddy with chapstick (hamstick) in her hand and said look daddy a Christmas tree...


We celebrated Christmas on the 23rd and drove to New Mexico on the 25th... it was great..not a single car on the road, and since we left so early it was so peaceful and beautiful. We got to watch the sun rise and shine on the snow, peaceful that is until we had a bird fly right into our windshield....krrr-splat....Ryan even made the sound effects "ahhhhh.....ewwwww" It was pretty funny but gross. Here's a pic of Kate's teeth full of scooby snacks in the car.

New Mexico was a little rough for me this year cuz the night after we got there Kate got this bad cough and the next night was up literally the entire night puking every 30 minutes. We sat in the bedroom watching backyardigans and scooby from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 am when she finally fell back asleep. After that I decided to take her to the insta care and she ended up with a brochitis type thing so they gave her a steroid and an inhaler which has helped a lot.... unfortunately I got sick too and ended up with some infections of my own one of which was strep.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year right!


New years
We came home the day before New Years Eve and that was nice to be home especially when we are sick, and poor Ryan didn't get his New Years kiss cuz I was zonked out at about 9:30 while watching Land of the Lost and at 10:30 we crawled into bed... fun eh. We did manage to have a tea party though and play on the "sharkies" (mattress bed in the front room) also we decorated the ginger bread house. It was a different but fun vacation.


Cute little Tommy... can't forget him... he's so great, he just kind of comes along for the ride and is such a good boy.