Thursday, September 23, 2010

My little snuggler

Tommy is so funny, he will crawl a few feet and then sigh as he lies down. So whenever he does that Kate and I laugh and say "ahhh take a rest" then he gets up and goes and then lies down again... "ahhh buddy, take a rest".

I was hoping when he was born that he would be snuggly and my wish came true, he loves to put his head down and snuggle anything that is nearby. I love that boy!

Preschool field trip to the apple farm

Farnsworth farms was a hit. The kids got to tour the farm, try some cider, pick an apple and go for a hay ride... Afterward we all had lunch at a park nearby, it was a super fun day .

Together party with family.

Kate and Tommy's b-day's are only 2 weeks apart so they get to celebrate together with family

1st day of preschool

This year we are doing a joy school with some of the moms in the neighborhood. This is Kate's first day, she went to Camille's house and is loving going to preschool with her friends.

Big Boy Tom

Tommy's 1st birthday...

He knew just what to do with the cake

Happy Birthday buddy, thanks for coming to our family!

Kate's 4 year birthday

Look who's officially 4...

Party at the splash park with friends

Happy Anniversary Ryan!

This is Ryans mom's reaction to him telling her we're getting married... She was a little apprehensive :)

Wedding picture

1st year picture

Buster our kitty 2nd year

Kate came along 3rd year

4th year

5th year then came Tommy

Thanks for 6 wonderful years and more to come!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More pics